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Kevin Hague

Kevin was drawn to hospitality at an early age growing up outside of Chicago. Seeking work in restaurants in a variety of capacities from prep cook to manager, this early experience culminated in a recurring position in fine dining with the Levy Restaurant Group during his last three summer vacations during college. It was during this time when he was exposed to working with premium wines, and an interest in wine culture was further enhanced by living in Europe for a semester.

After earning a degree in English Literature from Miami University (OH), Kevin spent nearly 7 years working for Adobe Systems in San Francisco where he ultimately was part of the marketing team for their mobile and devices unit. Working in corporate marketing for one of the most dynamic companies in the technology industry provided invaluable experience, although hospitality always beckoned.

Inspired by frequent weekend trips to Napa Valley, Kevin and his wife eventually moved to the area to seek opportunities in the wine industry and he joined our company in 2008. While already familiar with the exceptional quality of our wines, Kevin began as an office assistant intent on learning about the industry through the diverse operations of a limited production, ultra-premium winery. After hosting appointments in the winery provided an incredible spark of knowingness that he was combining passions for wine, hospitality, and marketing, he successfully transitioned to a broader role and now manages retail sales for Barnett Vineyards. 

Kevin's passions outside the winery include fingerstyle guitar, collecting vinyl, softball, attempting to garden, and most of all spending time with his family. 

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